Saturday, March 28, 2009

tears and peace

I want to burn this Med-Surg. book. I despise red pens and yellow highlighters. Free evenings with my family are never. I am weary of doing what I should do instead of what I want to do. Wondering why I decided to go to this school, worried now that I won't make it. Questioning where my future husband is. Wanting to leave home, yet aching to stay. Sick of fighting a thorn in my side. Knowing I am in this pickle because I was a fool who refused to listen. Trying to love, yet failing regularly. Desiring someone else's lifestyle, unsatisfied with my own. Locked into books and papers and deadlines and grades when every shade of green is bursting from the ground and the sky gets bluer (it's a word now) by the day.

And today I heard this:
"Either God is not faithful.... or this is HIS plan."

You choose. Because I already have.

Monday, March 23, 2009

soft and quilted, please

"Mom, we're out of milk."
"Okay. I'm going to the store later this week. You'll survive."

"Mom, this is the last loaf of bread."
"Goodness! I just bought some! Well, I'm not going into town until Wednesday, so I'll get it then."

"Hey! MOMMMM! Who ate all the bananas?!"
"Everybody likes them, you know that. Eat a carrot."

"The dog food is gone, Mom."
"He'll survive on table scraps until we go to the store."

"Mom, we're out of toilet paper."
"..... ...... ......"
"I'll get the keys."

Sunday, March 22, 2009

delightful noise

My family is home. After a week by myself of not having to check-in via telephone, not setting a constant example, not cleaning a huge messy kitchen, not obeying house rules, and listening to MY music .... they have returned. Two minutes after getting home, Caleb kicked a soccer ball through the basement door and accidentally straight into Asa', lower body.

I'm so glad I don't live alone. I missed them so.

P.S. Asa bought me a t-shirt.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

70 and older

Have you ever played Catch Phrase with old people? You should.

SHREK : "Oh! Oh! Oh! It swims in the water and scares people!"

YOGI BEAR: "Okay...okay... you can eat it, and it lives in a park and carries a picnic basket."
Later - "Eat it?! You can't eat Yogi!"
"No, but you do eat yogurt."
Of course. I was totally with you on that line of reasoning.

PICK UP STICKS - (mumbled) "Pick up sticks.....hmmmm."

RICE - "Mexicans eat this a lot!"

I was crying with laughter.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Amy's Bedtime Routine... according to Alisa

If you tell Amy to go to bed, she will. But then she'll remember that she's thirsty. So she'll go upstairs to get some water. Seeing the sink will make her think of dripping faucets..... so she'll check every water apparatus in the house. Even the ones outside. Coming back in the house will make her wonder if all the possible entrances are secure. So she'll check the doors and windows... even those above people's beds. Then, feeling safe, she'll lay back down. But the nightlight (that her sister insisted on having), burning brightly, will cause her to think of the electricity that could be wasted should a spare bulb be burning unnecessarily. So she'll get back up and roam the house, searching for any lights or appliances that might be left on. As she goes back to bed, Jack will bark outside and Amy will remember that he needs to be sleeping in the basement. So she rises. Again. And lets the dog into the house. She starts to get back in the bed but realizes her hands are dirty. She goes to the bathroom and washes them. Seeing her chapstick on the counter makes her think of her dry lips and she applies it generously. Finally refreshed and at peace, she sinks back into her pillow. As the chapstick refreshes her lips, she begins to realize that her throat is still dry and that she's still thirsty. So she'll go upstairs.....

Saturday, March 14, 2009

come and get........... oh. never mind. it's gone.

If you have never had my Mom's sourdough bread, hot from the oven... I am very sorry for you. I think I will go eat some more, actually.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Brad who?

I think I was born a couple of decades too late. I am not obsessed, infatuated, or lustful. I just think they were good-looking men. Very very good-looking.

Five o'clock shadow... coming up!

Mr. Built-for-a-Tux

Sir Cool, Always and Forever
- seriously, did he ever play any kind of comedic role?

Connery= Smashing.... even old.... even in a kilt and old.

Best when sweating

The hat is perfect.

Made tap dancing look like the way to win the ladies

Mr. Practically Perfect in Every Way - in my mind at least

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

No, YOU are the one not "cut out" for this

Professors/faculty who discourage and demean students, who are uncompassionate, unmerciful, and do not respond to urgent emails or phone calls for four days should be shot. Why, yes, I think you should have to "justify" your delayed response. I know I am "just" a student, but the students pay your salary. Oh... and I would suggest purchasing some kind of exercise equipment with that money. You really should lose some weight before teaching any more classes about the troubles of obesity.
I would really love to give a speech at graduation about this program. Because it's not what everybody thinks it is.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Her get-ready-process just got more complicated

After a speaker phone discussion with the parents:

Anna: You aren't going to come with us to the conference, are you?
Me: Well, Anna... it looks that way. It's just that y'all would have more fun if you could go earlier and I have class. I mean, waiting for me would cut the vacation time out completely.
Anna: Can't you just skip?
Me: Not that much of it. I'm sorry. I really really want to go. Really, I do.
Anna: Siiiiiiiiiigh
Me: Oh. How sweet. She's going to miss me. She wants me to go.
Anna: Well, I guess that means I need to buy another straightener. 'Cause you'll keep yours and I won't have one.