Wednesday, February 11, 2009

raw scrapings

You know those people who get on your every last nerve... and then you find out you had even more nerves than you knew? And that THAT person was the one who made you realize it? Yeah? I know a girl like that.

Everything that a female can do that shames me, she does. Everything that is supposed to be mysterious about women, she brazenly airs. All that should be pure and gentle and quiet she turns to brassy, cracked mud. She is a fool in public and shouts "I don't care!" She is dramatic and extremely giggly. Her hands wave in huge arcs, her body contorts, and her legs kick, trying to gain more people's attention as she talks, which she does constantly and loudly. Interrupting is her hobby and listening is not. She brags of her weekend escapades, which usually involve a new boy, little clothing, and some kind of ...liquid? But those memories aren't very clear so she really isn't very sure! Everything she has said or done is supposed to be the funniest thing you've ever heard of in your life. I stopped participating in the obligatory laughter. I can do it once or twice, mind you, just not every minute. Am I supposed to be impressed that you can talk like a black person? Black people do it all the time and it doesn't impress me. Your sense of humor irritates me. Just stop talking. That's all I ask.

I vented all of this to my Mom that evening. She looked at me and said, "And yet, she has a soul that will never die, just like you."

Hoover Dam. Sometimes, I enjoy sinful thoughts a little too much. The heir to the kingdom was airing her own foolishness, arrogance, and selfishness.


Dennis said...

Irritating personalities are pretty common pitfalls for all of us. The 'cold' is often described as 'common' also but that still doesn't relieve the symptoms. But the right perspective on the common cold allows us to 'get thru' those temporary symptoms.....same with those who, made in 'his image' but just seem to be farther away from it than we are. This recent experience of being an officer at First Pres has really brought the 'irritating personality' issue home to me. BUT
TRULY I must be that irritation to some if not many!!! AND NOT BE AWARE OF IT!!!