Saturday, February 28, 2009

another baby post

Today in clinicals, I picked a patient I thought would result in a lot of involvement. I was wrong. Procedures got canceled, and everything returned to normal. Just meds and vital signs. I was bored. So I walked into the room where the patients don't have much family attention (to put it as delicately as possible)... and this little man stared up at me from his bouncer. He had a good four ounces of thick spit-up covering his chest and crusting happily in his little neck creases. He wasn't screaming or even fussing. He was merely watching the activity around him with infant curiousity. I peeled the soggy garment off of him and only when the cooler air hit did he squirm his protest. Three warm washcloths, a dry shirt, a new blanket, and a rocking chair later, he was still absorbed in quiet attentiveness. He took in the newness of my shirt and stethoscope, my hair, and face. I would talk and his eyes twinkled with pleasure. They really and truly did.

And school was pleasant for a few hours.