Monday, January 12, 2009

If I were you, I would stay 25 feet back

A Cabela's catalog came today. It basically goes like this: ammunition, ammunition, bullets, ammunition, crossbow, revolvers, holsters, ammunition and bullets, machetes, javolins, targets, and bullets. I flipped through it and started thinking, "Why am I looking at this?" And then.... I found this. It's got a water magazine to practice with, and... get this... a trigger-activated LED. In case, you know, your attacker is standing perfectly still and you have time to take careful aim. I would totally get the pink one just so the thug would laugh at me before clutching his eye sockets.


alisa said...

jeff wants to know... if he's 25 feet away, how do you know he's going to attack you?

but i still laughed pretty hard.

jeff also wants to know if it comes with a matching holster.

Amy said...

Well Jeff, I'd say that if he's running towards you, swinging a pickax while screaming expletives... I would give him the benefit of the doubt of attacking me. The whole laser thing is what strikes me as funny.
Amy- "Now... hold still. I want to shoot you in the eye with my fire water."
Thug- "Oh. Well, okay. If you say so."

Amy said...

Oh yeah. No matching holsters. I mean... you should never advertise the awesomeness of your weapon.

Dodger of Sheep said...

You don't really need a target to be still for a laser sight to be useful. M-16's have them, and I doubt the people the Marines are shooting at are just standing around. It's mainly so you can quickly get an idea as to where your gun is pointing. In the heat of the moment you may get antsy and aim, say, two feet to the left of his face, or at his lower torso.

Owl of the Desert said...

They kind of look like flare guns. The laser is definitely an added bonus.

Dodger of Sheep said...

I'm also guessing that in order to get a range of 25 feet, it shoots more of a stream than a spray, so you would probably need to aim.