Friday, January 16, 2009

Blue coldness

This morning, while I was in lab, my brother sent me two messages. He was working at a construction site. The bathrooms are port-a-potties. Or port-a-johns. Or whatever else you want to call those disgusting, blue closets. He was cleaning up the site alone and it was maybe 20 degrees.
1st message:
"Auuuuggghhh! (this was incredibly high-ptiched) Why did I have to use the bathroom, now? Dude! The water's frozen! (Cue Southern hick accent) I'm out here on thah john. It's thah only place to get service. My pee ain't even meltin' thah ice! It's COLD out here. I'm gonna have to go stick my white little fanny up against a farr when I git done. It's cold. Real cold. And lonely. So lonely. I'm so lonely. (Normal voice) Well! I hope you're having a good day. Bye."

2nd message:
"Amy! Go spit on something. Outside. (I guess he was afraid I would start spitting all over my lab equipment) Give it 5 seconds and it freezes. If it doesn't... you spit on the wrong thing."

I was laughing out loud in my car. I called him and he said the first message was right after he sat down. Which is why he screamed. The second message was after a second trip to the bathroom. Suddenly curious, he spit on it (I'm telling you, use these things only if your bladder is about to explode; because they are crawling with germs from EVERY human entry hole) and stood amazed as it froze.


S. Kaufman said...

patrick was outside yesterday when the wind chill was -25 degrees, he said his eyelashes froze together. ah, the wonder of cold weather.

Elyow'eynay said... awesome is that.

amelie said...

it was 7 degrees in ripley on friday morning! of course, it would be the day that I have to get out in it at 6:30.