Saturday, January 24, 2009

and FAIL

Got a minute? Because I am so glad these people had cameras with or on them.

1) Mom always knows what to do

2) Just jump in. That's the only way you can correct this

3) I hope you have a better day

4) erk... you're squeezing too tight, kid

5) Crawling shows humility

6) That's where it used to be

7) Thank your mom for a diaper-rash-free bottom

8) Airbags save lives

9) Just don't drive, okay?

10) Extreme flash flooding

11) Step lively!


Elyow'eynay said...

Holy maccarroni!

Those were absolutely slab dab hilarious. I was crying...CRYING very hard and laughing. The guy walking into the door....classic.
And the baby farting baby poweder...oh my goodness.

Love them.

Amy said...

Adam, I called my family in to watch these. I wish I had had an Apple to video them all gathered around the screen. They were roaring with laughter. I'm glad.