Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Please hold up your left hand

You know you're getting old when you notice two things about a strange guy:

1) Why yes, you are quite handsome.
2) Dang. Wedding ring.

I use to NEVER notice wedding bands. My friends would ask me, "Well... did he have on a ring?!" And I was always, "Heck if I know." But now, I notice. Immediately. This disturbs me.

Oh well. This guy was so pitiful... I couldn't help but smile. I was shopping with Mom and as I walked by, he goes, "Excuse me. Could you help me?" He held up three purses. One was a dark shiny chocolate, another was a soft sandy tan, and the third was a kind of copper/sienna blend. The third one was weird. He looked at me and goes, "She said she wanted a brown purse." Poor guy. He'd never thought there would be more than one option.


s. wells said...'s terrible to laugh at their misfortune- they try so hard! did you help him?

this is weird, but i started noticing wedding rings when i worked at whole foods. i liked to study how married men and women interacted with other people. don't ask why, i don't know. but, it was in that time that i decided wedding rings were the most attractive thing a guy could wear. fidelity is attractive.

Amy said...

Of course! I told him that the chocolate was technically the most "brown" but... personally, I liked the tan better. He said he did too and that he asked me because I looked like I had similar tastes in clothing as she did... thus, I might like similar purses. Hey, I'll be flattered that Mr. Handsome was attracted to someone similar to me.