Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ages 8 and up

I have little cousins. And I love them. No, really, I do. They are so excited to see us and talk and play.

But they run constantly. They yell constantly. They get mad at you easily... and you know that as "the older one" you need to be the example and not get mad back, or not respond at all. And you definitely definitely should NOT call them Mr. Dumb Butt, or Sir Soggy Pants, or a Whaaaaaaa-bulance ('ambulance'...get it?). And you can't say dang it, or shut up, or stupid, or crap.... and don't jokingly say hell or damn. After all, there are little ears running around.
So, we sat down to play the boardgame Sorry with them. And the tagline "The game of sweet revenge" takes on a whole new meaning.

anonymous, yet mature cousin -"Oh Isaac! Looks like I HAVE to send you home. Again"
little cousin - "No! You've sent me home too much!"
A.Y.M.C. - "You've got the best position. Sorry Isaac."
little cousin - "It's been 'sorry Isaac' for the past six times."
A.Y.M.C. - I love this game.


amelie said...

Muahahaha...I love Sorry.

Actually, I dislike Sorry very much, but it does present some wonderful opportunities, no?

Amy said...

yeah... in reality, I don't like it at all.

s. wells said...

Sorry is a game of frustration, like Uno. I have to be in a benevolentl mood to play either.

Owl of the Desert said...

I played it over the holidays with John's family. Well, they don't call it "Sorry" for nothing! Unless you are just really, really mean, and then I suppose you would just an evil dictator "I'm going to take over the world" kind of laugh.