Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Life Lessons

In the past seven days, I have learned...

1) When eating in the car and you feel something fall from your food, give your clothes a good lookover before going into a store.

2) Don't tell the vet that your dog doesn't bite. It's a dog. All dogs bite. "Uh... it looks like we're gonna have to sedate him."

3) Alisa misses me. She said so.

4) Target has amazing shoes. I just don't wear their sizes.

5) Keep up with the Inbox on the kitchen counter. A credit card bill doesn't come in with Trumpets and Horns. It will just lay there quietly, as the due date looms.

6) If you have anything to do with an ('an' sounds weird) University office, call ahead. Because you will walk a mile, wait forever, and inevidably, not have everything you need.

7)Two and a half? A half, Dad? How does that work?

8)I don't like High School Musical 2. If you are glad of this, don't ask my opinion on number one.

9) I don't dream very much compared to some people.


alisa said...

that's because it's not "an" ... it's "a"

and what does dad think is two and a half?

s. wells said...

#4 is true for me too!! we need to find a store for big girl feet.

Dennis said...

Did I ever tell you about the cat in the vet's office? Yes it was a brief summer job and this lady brings a large male cat to the Vet's office. The cat was severely wounded at the base of the tail. A tail that was only 2" long. Calmly the cat allowed me to take it to the exam room, where it lay quietly on the table. The Dr. had shown me how to disable or control most dogs but I had not received the cat lesson yet. I'm thinking about how I will restrain this cat....if necessary. The Dr. walks in......'THE CAT RECOGNIZES HIM!!!!!!'..........because this vet had removed the rest of the cat's tail in 2" segments during 2 or 3 previous visits. This cat proceeds to move rapidly away from the Dr. and leaves me bleeding to the elbows on both arms. The seasoned Vet, with his surgically repaired ear from a dog bit, smiles and says, "Oh, the gloves are behind the door". They were thick leather gloves that extended beyond the elbow. (Wow, a whole new audience to tell these stories to.......)

Amy said...

hold on to your hats everybody! My Dad has a plethora of stories to unleash upon you!
...and Dad, we love them all. No worries.

Anonymous said...

i`ve never heard that one........