Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dimples and eyebrows

Getting to know the younger two:

Dalton, 12 yoa- I've seen your pictures on facebook
Me - You have facebook?
Dalton - No. But I have gmail. (head jerk) You can look me up sometime.
Me - Yeah, and go to jail.

Shafer, 9 yoa - (on the giant exercise ball, doing a crunch) - Uuuaaaggghhh!
Me - Whoa! Check out those abs!
Shafer - Man, I'll tell you who has great abs... Logan! His are awesome!

Fantastic. The more I get to know this family, the more I love them.


amelie said...

I showed this post to teh little boys, and Shafer said, "::sigh:: I love Amy. She's!"

Owl of the Desert said...

Yep, they're pretty awesome. Some pretty loveable people.