Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I have an older adult class. And yikes is it boring. I mean, here-are-your-powerpoints-now-sit-there-for-2-or-3-hours-while-I-read-them-verbatum boring.

Anyway, maybe it was delirium that made this funny to me. Because nobody else laughed. I just ducked behind my pencil and choked.

Teacher, in older adult, monotone voice: "Patients with Alzeheimers should not smoke. (thank you, I'm glad i'm paying to receive this infomation) Well, for 2 reasons: 1) For health reasons, which are obvious. And 2) They might set the house on fire. And this would not be good." (Unless you're a pyromaniac)

Oh, how I giggled. But reviewing it now, I think it was totally delirium.


on to june said...

hey amy, I have news of you. They can still see you when you duck behind your pencil.

Amy said...

Great, I knew she was looking at me funny!