Sunday, September 7, 2008

1 of 37023 hits

Ten years ago today Google was born. It was probably a little rough at first. I'm sure there weren't as many hits, and that it didn't know everything it does now, and the logo probably didn't change with world events, national holidays, and weather updates. But... it was there. Larry Page and Serney Brin were only 27 and 26 years old. I bet they had no idea that they were dumbing down future generations. That Google, which comes from the word googol, which represent the numeral one followed by 100 zeros, would become a verb: past, present, and future. "I googled it," "I am googling it now," and "I will google it." That everyone, from the President to my little brother would use it when a particularly hard to find tidbit was needed. Scratch that. It doesn't have to be particularly hard. In fact, it's usually just curiousity. How do you spell definetly? Did you mean definitely? Why, yes. I did. Thank you, all-knowing Google. Type in the letters F and O and you can pick what it was exactly you were going to google: was it football? forever 21? fox news? or the food network? Well, I was looking for information about folic acid but Forever 21 has such cheap and cute clothing... thanks Google. My procrastinating self is happy.
Do you have any information on nephrolithiasis? 1-10 of 300,000. Good gosh. You need a life. Actually, you don't. You have too much of a life. No one should have 300,00 pieces of information on nephrolithiasis.

Happy birthday. Go define party. And no, I did not mean Lindsey Lohan.