Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Can anyone say muscles?

Can I just say I love the Olympics? Because I do. Especially... especially!! the summer Olympics. They are incredible. These people's bodies amaze me. No, I'm not drooling. The women are just as impressive as the men. I didn't even know we had muscles there! No wonder the Greeks did it naked. But, I don't want to do it like the Greeks. Blech.
My family was all in the living room when the USA men's swim team competed in the 400 meter freestyle relay. It was great! The French had talked trash (but, hey, they're the French, what do you expect?), saying they were looking forward to "smashing" team USA. We were neck and neck the whole race. Our third man got a little behind, and our team captain had to make up lost time. With probably 25 feet left to go, Jason Lesaz caught up with the Frenchmen Bernard, and with a final surge... he touched the wall, 0.08 seconds ahead of his rival!! We were screaming in our living room! Probably the best moment of the whole 2 weeks. Ah. I love it.

And just so you know, my bedroom, after a decade of being gray, is receiving a makeover. Benjamin Moore calls it grasslands. I call it just right.
And yes, I am enjoying my break.


Dodger of Sheep said...

Flesh fest...

Anonymous said...

that was a cool time........ we were all like screaming our heads off and then were all like.. sshhhhhh dad is in bed