Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wanna ride it again?

Friday morning me and 15 other kids loaded into two suburbans and headed to Six Flags. I haven't been in several years. And even though my voice was gone, I had a blast. Good group of people. We were on the road by 6:36 and drove for 2 hours without stopping (considering 11 of the 16 were girls, this is truly worth noting). We pulled into the park and our wonderful driver missed the parking lot turn and went back out onto the interstate. That's okay, we didn't want to park yet anyway. Okay... here we go.
Georgia Cyclone. Scorcher. Mind-Bender. Batman. Ninja (I think I have new earring holes in my neck from that one). Acrophobia (the extreme stop at the bottom made all the snot come hurtling out of my sinuses). Superman. Great American Scream Machine. And... The Goliath.
If you haven't ridden the Goliath, you need to. Yes, need. And wait the extra 10-15 minutes for the front row. It is worth it. It takes you 200 feet in the air and then hurls straight down at 70 mph. Hands up hands up! Feet up! Don't think about the fact that you only have a saddle-sized piece of plastic over your lap and no belt or shoulder grips. Physics is the only thing keeping you in your seat anyway. And the chances of you dying were higher on the drive down here than on the actual ride. We rode it it three times. Hands up hands up! Smile for the camera! But don't pay $19.99 for the photo. I mean, it's funny to look at, but not that funny. And thanks to Emily Kitchens friendliness to a Six Flags worker... the third time we got to come up the Fast Pass lane (you get to skip the whole line and go straight to the seat lanes) without a Fast Pass. BUT... when we were standing in line for one ride, a tv was listing off the top 10 roller coasters in the US and in New Jersey there is a ride called the Kingda Ka. This thing goes 456 feet in the air and goes 128 mph! I am going to New Jersey. And I am riding the front row. With my hands up hands up.
Gosh, it was fun. We made it home by 10:30. And then I had to get up the next morning and go to a New Parent Labor/Birthing Experiene class at St. Vincent's. No, not for me. For school.


Little Lady said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time. I wish I could like roller coasters, but feeling as if you're dying is not my personal idea of fun. Call me chicken, but I am perfectly content with my feet on the ground and my head not in a garbage can.