Wednesday, July 23, 2008


If I wasn't in school and money wasn't an issue (ha!) I would:

1. Go snorkeling
2. Give my bedroom a complete makeover THIS WEEK
3. Hire a personal trainer
4. Turn our basement into a family room and install a home theater
5. Buy a Great Dane... he would be black and white and I would call him Darien
6. Go to the library and check out...oh.... 12 books that have absolutely nothing to do with the human body
7. Go swimming
8. Go tubing
9. Get Ryan to teach me how to slalom
10. Take guitar lessons
11. Get my boating license
12. Buy shoes

.... I hate this textbook.


Dennis said...

It is so difficult to see around the curves in the road from our vantage point!!!! Everybody else APPEARS in charge or nobody seems in charge...But there is perspective that has it all in view and sees every bump and curve.....sounds like a parent talking doesn't it?

elliebird said...

i have to ask: what is slaloming?

Amy said...

Skiing on one ski. It requires balance... which is why the idea of me doing it is so humorous.

on to june said...

i snorkeled in mexico. one of the coolest things i've ever done.

on to june said...

...oh, and i can help with the guitar lessons, if you'd like.