Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bouquet of grenades

Worked in the garden all morning. And planted the flower bed. Anna was describing the flowers that were in her piano teacher's son's wedding (stay with me here) and she said, "You know... dandelions?"
me -"Anna, dandelions are weeds. I don't think anyone would put them in a wedding bouquet."
Anna- "No! Not dandelions... they just looked like them!"
Asa - "Are those the flowers that look like bombs?"
me - "Bombs? A flower that looks like a bomb?"
Asa - "Yeah. Bombs."

Oh, little brother. One day, there will be something that cannot be related to a weapon, and then what will you do?


alisa said...

because i now have all this wedding flower experience stuff, she's probably talking about mums. maybe fuji mums. and i always describe them as bombs. or fireworks.

Dodger of Sheep said...

Um...you can relate everything to a weapon. Everything.

s. wells said...

boys just want to see things explode. i'm convinced.