Saturday, June 7, 2008

The welcome center at Lynchburg, TN is cute... and has wireless

I am camping right now. And we don’t have internet (duh) so I am using Microsoft word to help me journal these few days. Thus, there will be a multitude of blogs posted all at once. Hoorah!
This is the first trip without Alisa. It’s kind of weird. And because we haven’t had a camper in a few years, we are all a little out of experience regarding camping. For instance, tomorrow, we will head into town with the grocery list we accumulated today. Things like more bread, more lettuce and tomatoes, more milk, bug spray, s’mores material (talk about traumatizing: camping without s’mores!), citronella candle (or salmonella, as I called them earlier)… and so on and so forth.

Despite the fact that it was probably 95 degrees today we actually had fun with each other. Because we are so extraverted, sometimes I wonder if we can hang out with just each other. And there were no Primitive Baptists with us. Could we make it alone? This afternoon went well…. the lake is 200 feet from our site and we just ran down, climbed a tree, and jumped in. We probably swam for an hour and a half. It amazes me that we get along so well. We are all so different, each one of us playing our own song, dancing our own dance, and singing our own words. Yet, somehow, when all together, a beautiful harmony sounds. Our senses of humor seem to bounce off one another’s. We dunked and screamed and splashed and cannonballed to our heart’s content. My brothers make my heart hurt with love. I am still aggravated daily. My hair is pulled, my ribs are tickled, my belongings disappear… but strange males get bristly looks if caught looking at me, I am told I look beautiful, my advice is asked, my conversation is sought. As the men they are becoming emerge from the quickly fading little boys, I am almost caught off guard. I don’t remember growing older! When did they? Don’t get me wrong… sometimes I could kick them in the teeth. Last Saturday, for instance. I made Caleb mad and vice versa and we resorted to name calling and hurling cracker packages at each other’s heads. I thought it was handled very well.

So… all of this to say, we are alive. We love each other. Tomorrow we will get up and have to think of something to do that involves just us. And it will be fun. I’m not guaranteeing this attitude will still be here by Sunday, but, for now…. there is peace.


Jennifer said...

My "baby" brother is 19 now, almost 20. It's incredible. I don't know when it happened, or how, but he is a man now. Crazy, but it makes me really proud.