Tuesday, June 3, 2008

By the lion's mane

I cannot sleep. So I will tell you something....... i am over him. Ssshhh. For real.

Moving on: I visited Alisa and Jeff's new house yesterday. I love it. It has so much character. The floor has as many waves as a red-flag beach day. If you sit down next to someone on the couch, you find yourself leaning towards them. "I swear! It's the room! I am not trying to make out with you!" The living room has a huge built in book case that is already full and a window seat with amazing storage underneath it. And my second favorite thing about it is a smalll stained glass window in the dining/living room. There is nothing large or ornate about it. I think it is brown and yellow, with maybe some blue and red. The pattern is confusing and it's too close to the ceiling. It's just stuck there. It's fantastic.

BUT BEST OF ALL!! The bathroom door handle. I'm dead serious. The door knob is brass and is encased in a 9-inch plate with brass flowers and DRAGONS. Dragons? Seriously? Could a bathroom door handle get any better? Oh, but it can! Step off the wood, onto the tile, and close the door and you will see what watches over the throne room.

A lion. I kid you not. A brass lion's head with a ring in his mouth juts out over an old keyhole. These things are in so many movies but I have never seen one on a normal house, least of all in a bathroom. Personally, it seems kind of backwards... I think the knocker should go on the outside of the door, but, I'm not complaining. Who would complain when Aslan watches you brush your teeth?


alisa said...

dang... you're making me proud of my house.

i mean, i already am. but now i'm getting a bit big-headed about it.

come back soon.

alisa said...

and last nite, as i was sitting on the toilet looking face-to-face with aslan, i came to the conclusion that he is, in fact, a hook for hanging things on. not a door knocker. but he's still good.

elliebird said...

dude. i'm over him too! we're like twins.

i think i would be scared to go to the bathroom while aslan was watching me.

Amy said...

yeah... Ryan corrected me about the hook thing, Alisa.
And ellie, I used to bargain with God when I was little. "Okay God, I'm about to get in the tub. You close your eyes."