Sunday, June 15, 2008

I can totally concentrate... on myself.

Thomas Boston - Human Nature in its Fourfold State

"When God is speaking to men by His word, or they are speaking to Him in prayer, does not the mind often leave them before the Lord, like so many 'idols that have eyes, but see not, and ears, but hear not.' The carcass is laid down before God, but the world gets away the heart. Though the eyes be closed, the man sees a thousand vanities; the mind, in the mean time, is like a bird got loose out of a cage, skipping from bush to bush, so that, in effect, the man never comes to himself till he is gone from the presence of the Lord. Say not, it is impossible to get the mind fixed - it is hard, indeed, but not impossible; grace from the Lord can do it (Psalms 108:1), agreeable objects will do it. A pleasant speculation will arrest the minds of the inquisitive; the worldly man's mind is in little hazard of wandering, when he is contriving his business, casting up his accounts, or counting his money; if he answer you not at first, he tells you he did not hear you, he was busy, his mind was fixed. Were we admitted into the presence of a king to petition for our lives, we should be in no hazard of gazing through the chamber of presence. But here in lies the case; the carnal mind, employed about any spritual good, is out of its element, and therefore cannot fix."

This hit home. Whenever I pray or read I am constantly 'loose in a cage.' I will be in the middle of talking to my Father in Heaven and a rabbit will pop up and I will gleefully chase it. Far far away from my Lord. Well done, Satan. My time with Him is often choppy... full of my plans for the day, my hopes for the future, regrets from the past. My mind will not fix. And yet, as Mr. Boston said, my mind is capable of fixing. Ask any of my family: if you approach me and I am reading a good book, it will take several AMY!!'s to get my mind out of those pages. Why can't I be that resolute in my time with Him? Yes, it is hard to force your mind to stay in one channel, to not surface for air, to keep moving forward. But, is He not worth it?


Dodger of Sheep said...

Short answer: Yes.