Monday, June 30, 2008

and this was only 2 days

Sooo.... it's been over a week since my last post. I'm sorry.

Right now, I am sitting on my best friend's bed, in an empty house, full of snot, drinking hot tea, studying informatics, with a mound of tissues beside me. Well, actually, right NOW I'm blogging, but I was studying.

I was at singing school from Wednesday night through Saturday morning. Because most of you out there don't know what I'm talking about, allow me to explain.
Singing school is a mainly Primitive Baptist thing. But the Porters have only in the past few years become friends with a rather large group of them. Thus, we go to singing school. Think do re mi fa sol la ti do. Think shaped notes. And now imagine the leader calling out a hymn number, singing a pitch, and a group of about 200 people finding their notes (sopranos through basses). And bam. They sing. They sing beautiful four part harmony without instruments. It is a joy to hear. The ear for music these kids have developed blows my mind. Many of them play instruments... without ever having taken a single lesson. They just listen to the song, sit down, and start playing. And at singing school they teach you how. No, not the instrument part, the singing part. Granted, most of these people have been doing this for most of their lives every Sunday at church.... so I will never catch up. But, it is still incredible. Many many songs are sung, games are played, meals are served, dorms have cleaning crews that consist of kids, the dress code is strictly obeyed, adults are respected, and God is glorified. Very fun. Very hard to come back to school, gas prices, and snot.

Some specific highlights in no particular order:
1. Giggling with Emily one night... even though we were supposed to be quiet
2. Sitting in between two very low (and good looking) basses while singing hymns I had no clue how to sing
3. Playing volleyball till 1:30 AM Friday night
4. Listening to Graham and Caleb's "impressions"
5. Talking to Emily K., glad that I wasn't the only one getting irritated about some things (she's the preacher's daughter... if she gets mad, that makes it okay, right?)
6. Being shown new swing dancing moves... but I didn't learn them very well. I need more lessons.
7. I learned guillotine is NOT GILL-uh-teen, but GEE-uh-teen. As in "gee" in geek. So sue me.
8. Being quizzed on the differences between Presbyterians and Primitive Baptists
9. Logan's list on the things that define this decade... and the mental image of the clothing styles we may wear when we are old
10. A disgusting paramedic story
11. My hair Friday night, thanks to Whitney (yes, I'm vain enough to say that)
12. Sitting in the suitcase section of Graham's 4- Runner, in heels and a white dress. Never ever tell a boy that you will be fine for a 2 minute ride. He will make it his personal goal to make sure you at least clutch the seat in front of you for dear life
13. Friday night's performance. For several reasons.
14. A little girl telling me that the big question for the younger female crowd was "Who does Asa Porter like?" and watching my little brother and realizing he was (thank God) completely oblivious to his popularity.
15. Eleanor's dimples
16. Chelsea asking me if I liked younger men (regarding her brother). Ha.
17. Getting to know Lydia
18. Ryan calling me Wednesday and saying he missed me
19. Whitney... put your shirt on
20. A vest

Gosh. If I had been there a whole week you would be reading my list until Christmas.


elliebird said...

you looked beautiful in that white dress, by the way.

whitney, whitney, whitney...her and her lack of shirt...

you have no idea how happy it makes me that dimples are on your list

Dennis said...

I'm sure it was a struggle to get up and go and continue to study and attend class....but what good memories we have been allowed.....glad the week provoked so many memories....Aw...who are we to get to experience such

jim said...

aw, i thought the snot was gone!? and by the way, you just set a new record for your number of posts in a month... celebrex!

Michael - OKC said...

I love the part about Singing School..

I've attend a PB Sining School in Texas "Harmony Plains".

It's just exactly how you discribed

So, was this you first one to attend?

Dodger of Sheep said...

Next year you will come for the whole week, and next year you will love it even more.

Table of Stone said...

Amy, you are modest about your singing abilities. Don't be.

Oh, and...we should talk more often. I always find it most interesting and good for the soul.

Owl of the Desert said...

I love your list, and your description of singing school! I agree with the Dodger of Sheep - next year, whole week! It was so great having you around.

anna said...

whats with the last two?? on your list??