Monday, May 5, 2008


When girls name underwear:
Poke Me, No Secrets, Bohemian Rhapsody, Let's Make Babies Blue, Chiquita Girl, Blue Steele, Banana Split, French Maid, Indian Princess, Sneak-a-Peek, Seaside Surprise, Sweet and Sexy, 3 Days Off, Chocolate Rain and Sailor's Delight.

Dibs to everyone for not buying anything from Victoria's Secret. What the "secret" is, I do not know. Because the woman definetly doesn't hide anything.
You're never too old for a funny face picture. Thank you all for not making the "pucker" face. Because it's just plain annoying.

She'll probably make me take this one down.

And we had way too much food left over.


alisa said...

does he read this?

Amy said...

i hope not. ;)

amanda hannah said...

jeff - if you do read this, you should know that we all saw your wife-to-be in her lingerie before you did. sucks for you.

Amy said...

haha! yep... the later you stay, the smaller the clothing gets that she models. "Okay, but i'm just going to try on the gown." 1 hour later... "Hey! Look! You can see straight through!"