Friday, May 16, 2008

For Her

What is it like to know that tomorrow you will be getting married? How does it feel to kiss your parents good-night one last time? You look so calm. How can you be?! It's midnight and you're writing thank you notes! I'm blogging. We should go to sleep. Tomorrow is a big day.
But, I don't want to. I want to watch you for a little longer. Tomorrow night, dear heart of my hearts, you will not be sleeping alone. Are you freaking out? No? Well, I am adequately freaked out for you and me combined. You looked beautiful tonight, even though you did sit in something. Sweet sister, I love you. Whenever Jeff has to go out of town, will you come sleep on my trundle?
Good. You're going to bed. No ceremony, you say. Just good night. You cannot cry. But you cannot sleep either. You're just lying there, twisting your hair, staring at the ceiling. But I will cry. Seriously, I never knew how weepy this girl could be. I would have made it without crying tonight when I was making my "speech" except I looked at Dad and saw that walrus mustache quivering. Then Pepaw wiped his eyes. And my cup ran over.
So, here's to you and the glorious years ahead of you. Because I can't be eloquent right now.


Jennifer said...

I am thinking of the night before my wedding, and how beautiful this posting is. You and your sister have a beautiful relationship.