Saturday, April 19, 2008

The moronic cycle

The phases of a sunburn:

1. Stupidity - I don't feel like putting on sunscreen
2. Stupidity cont. - 10:00-3:30 are okay hours... right?
3. Delusional - I'm a little pink but it will be gone in the morning.
4. Epiphany - Oh. My. Gosh. I look like a lobster who jumped in a vat of boiling strawberry jam.
5. Denial - I didn't know I was burning! It isn't my fault!
6. Guilt - Poor little skin cells. They didn't get to live their full life
7. Sales rep - For Aloe Vera
8. Murderer - You touch me one more time and I swear...
9. Return of pajamas - because they were almost completely absent for a few nights
10. Itchy - Think Baloo off of Jungle Book
11. Reptilian - Whoa! That was a big piece!
12. Admiration - Nice tan. Hey, thanks.
13. Amnesiac - It's so nice today. I think I'll go outside without sunscreen.


amanda hannah said...

for the love of all that's good, amy ... wear your sunscreen! don't make me give you a lecture, and then tell you how old and gross you'll look in about 25 years.

alisa said...

you've really put some thought into this, haven't you? well i hope you've learned your lesson because next time, i will have no sympathy for you.

if i even had some this time...

Amy said...

you didn't.

Dodger of Sheep said...

Number 4 makes me laugh. Heartily.