Friday, March 21, 2008

if you were chilly, here take my sweater

Last weekend i went to Louisville, KY to visit Ashton and Brian Moats. 6 hours. In the car. With Erin. Heck yeah, we had fun. Let's see... her ipod has at least 4857 songs. We HAD to pass a marine caravan and HAD to check out all the drivers. Then we stopped for gas and lo and behold, so did they. So we had to pass them again. Darn. .
Then we got Happy Meals from McDonalds. This was not our choice of restaurant but Tennessee is seriously lacking in fast food. It was either Hardees, Denny's or McDonalds. Or Hardees. Or Denny's. Oh look, a McDonalds. Again. Anyway, the lady asked us if we wanted girl Happy Meals and that would be a definite yes. We ate our meal then put on our plastic crowns and waved our wands at people we passed. There is a facebook video. Go watch it.

Ashton cooked supper for us and two other guys they had invited over. How much food to cook is a serious question when you are looking at 3 college aged guys and 3 college aged girls. So me, being the one with the vast experience in cooking for large numbers of people, was the one behind the amount of spaghetti that was cooked. Let's just say that Brian and Ashton will have leftovers.... for like the whole week.
We played Malarkey afterwards. Did you know that pirates never made their prisoners walk the plank? It's totally fictional. They just threw them overboard.
Driving back to the hotel and I insisted on a wrong turn, which is why Erin and I got a 30 minute tour of downtown Louisville at midnight. I love that city but one major major complaint is this: hello? road signs? where in the blazes are we? and there's the Louisville Slugger Field... for the third time.
Great weekend, despite the rain. Erin and I went shopping with my aunt Saturday morning. I bought a pair of red heels. Pretty dang hot I must admit. But mostly we just tried on Kentucky Derby Hats. And the rain in spain does stay mainly in the plain.

This is Brian showing us what a deep sleeper Ashton is. Sorry it's so dark. If you listen really hard, you can learn something about Galileo from the history channel. Thanks guys, for making the weekend great. I love ya'll.


Dodger of Sheep said...

The first several times this happened, Steve would attempt, always unsuccessfully, to explain that he was just a simple troll, and had no idea what they were talking about. His supplicants, always supposing this to be some sort of test, or trial, or the prelude to a mystical quest, would redouble their efforts to extract the information from him.