Monday, March 31, 2008


So... I went to the dentist today. I was thinking it had been a year. I was totally closing in on two years baby. I am such a rebel. I love the way my teeth feel afterwards. I mean, I avoid eating just to maintain that incredibe slick, naked feeling. I'm hungry right now but no. I will wait.
Know what cracks me up about dentists? They just chatter away and ask you questions all the while scraping and rubbing and picking. And your answers sound something like this:
"Yaxth. Ah ra torted scools in jenooere."
"U now lak Jen Osten? Eets lak tat. Verr pritee."
" Hee ees duning great. Coom n gu, coom n gu."
And the most amazing thing is that they can understand you completely! They comment about your answers!

And still no cavities. Boo-yah.


elliebird said...

whoa. i went to the dentist today too! we're like twins!

my dentist sings while he works. today's playlist was the POTC theme and Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles.

Dodger of Sheep said...

And this arrangement suited Steve just fine, and he actually started to enjoy it. He was a troll after all, and one of a troll's few joys is smashing things. But, alas, it could not go on like this forever. For the legend of Steve the All Knowing Troll began to change. It began to rumored that although Steve knew the meaning of life, he would only divulge the sacred secret to those who could best him in single combat. And so the kind of visitors to Steve's cave began to change to a much more well armed kind.