Saturday, March 29, 2008

and stop. now. please.

I was walking behind two girls in my nursing class the other day. I do not know them. And (very snobbily) I don't plan on trying to.

Girl 1: Oh my gosh, did you work out?
Girl 2: Hahaha. No I just didn't care.
Girl 1: Well, girl, you look cute.
Girl 2: I mean, I got up this morning and was just like, I don't care. I don't even care. HAHAHA.
Girl 1: I know. HAHAHA. Sometimes I just get out of bed and throw like whatever on ( i could barely hear this part because of the loud bangles coming from her earrings, the clanking chains on her Dooney purse, and the popping of her stilletos)
Girl 1: Oh my God. Hahaha. I think I stepped on my brakes like 400 times this morning. This traffic was like, horrible.
Girl 2: Yeah, hahaha, I was, like, stopped forever on 65.
Girl 1: Yeah, probably 400 times.

The intellectual stimulation is too much. I must stop.

And I want to go swing dancing. Very soon.


s. wells said...

and these girls are going to be nurses?

Amy said...

yes. i know.

Roads & Bridges said...

i will work on the swing dancing thing....the only thing is that you need to be completely and utterly ready to commit to any night of the weekend...or a thursday night. prepare for that, and then, we will plan. :)
you're hilarious.

Dodger of Sheep said...

Now, trolls have never been known for their patience and Steve was no exception. Once reasoning with these insistent seekers failed, Steve turned to the old standby troll method of dealing with unwanted intruders: the club.