Sunday, February 17, 2008

Some witty title

Yesterday me, Aunt Ronda, Mom, Grandma and Anna went shopping. Specifically to find clothes for the wedding, but, considering we were all females: if something popped up on a hanger that would NOT work for the wedding, we couldn't just leave it. Which is how I came to be the owner of an amazing dress.'s one of those dresses that makes you suddenly thankful for the curves that had you nearly cursing in the last dressing room. A dress that made me wish I went to a larger church with more boys. How stupid. I made myself type that out because I was thinking that and I wanted to make myself read it. How ridiculous, Amy. How completely, utterly and inconceivably ridiculous. Too many adverbs?

On a totally different subject, here is a letter that John Quincy Adams wrote to his father when he was 10:

Dear Sir,
I love to receive letters very well, much better than I love to write them. I make but a poor figure at composition; my head is much too fickle. My thoughts are running after birds' eggs, play, and trifles, till I get vexed with myself. I have but just entered the third volume of Smollett, though I had designed to have got half through it by this time. I have determined this week to be more diligent, as Mr. Thaxter will be absent at court and I cannot pursue my other studies. I have set myself a stint, and determine to read the third volume half out. If I can but keep my resolution I will write again at the end of the week, and give a better account of myself. I wish, sir, you would give me some instructions with regard to my time, and advise me how to proportion my studies and my play, in writing, and I will keep them by me and endeavor to follow them. I am, dear sir, with a present determination of growing better,
John Quincy Adams
P.S. Sir, if you will be so good as to favor me with a blank book, I will transcribe the most remarkable occurrences I meet with in my reading, which will serve to fix them upon
my mind.

Yeah. Ten freaking years old.

P.S. He was homeschooled, by the way.


s. wells said...

i want to see your dress!!!!!!!

Amy said...

thank you. i'm vain enough to say it's pretty amazing.

Dodger of Sheep said...

No, adverbs make everything better. A truth which young Mr. Adams would have understood well.

Seriously, there's no secret message.

Stop looking.