Monday, February 4, 2008

party hearty

Convo in the Porter suburban:

Dad: Did the corndogs make it to the Porter vehicle?
Somebody in the back: Yes
Dad: Could I have one please?
Mom: No
Dad: Why not?
Mom: Because we're going to wait until we get home to eat them. (ohhh... the complexity of mother logic)
Dad: You need to lighten up. You need to add some fun to your life. You need to eat a corndog in the car.
Mom: Ooohh. Is da wittle boy hungry?
Dad: (munching happily) Do you want one?
Mom: No thanks.
Dad: Stick in the mud.
Me: You know you're getting old when it's a party to eat a corndog in the car.
Dad: Hey! It's better than no party at all.


Dodger of Sheep said...

This cracks me up. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

that somebody in the car was me................not mad