Friday, February 8, 2008

oh yeah

another thing..... why does God let us (girls) notice boys? Especially when He has absolutely no thought of letting anything happen? Why? I mean, I know He wants me to draw even closer to Him; that He wants me to make Him the lover of my life.... but, wouldn't it have been so much easier if He had just killed all hormones, all lover-like thoughts, all crushes, all flirtatious moves and words, and then one day, BAM!! He would awaken all of it when THE person stepped into your life. Bulbs and bolsters! What a totally undistracting and wholesome life (at least, in that area... i know Satan would still wreak havoc everywhere else) that would be! True friendships would be easier between men and women. I wouldn't have to struggle with guarding my mind, or protecting somebody else's heart, or building and then tearing down my imaginary dream castles. I don't even give them moats anymore since I know I'll just be filling them back up. Thus, I am fighting feelings of rebellion towards God's plan for me (because, as everyone knows, my plan is so much better than His). So, once again, I will fight the sin in my thoughts, refuse to overanalyze every conversation, stop listening for my cell phone to ring, stop counting how many days it has been since my cell phone has rang (face it, if he felt the same way you do, he would call more often), and love God with my heart, soul, and mind. And maybe one day, this will get easier.


Dodger of Sheep said...

Here, I'll comment on your post if you promise to comment on mine. I don't like seeing "0 comments" on anyone's post.
(I would comment on the actual subject matter, but being the lucky possessor of a Y chromosome, I wouldn't really know much about it)