Monday, February 25, 2008

If you listen, you can hear the tramp of tiny feet

Just curious.... if a ladybug is supposedly good luck, what does this mean? Ignore the dust. Every morning i wake up to find that several deaths occurred on my windowsill over the night. Then there are one or two of these in the process of drowning in the sink/bathtub. There are six new beetle corpses on the cold tile. And there are 53 ( i just counted ) in my overhead light. Does the luck continue if they are dead? Is this a bad omen? I mean, it's not like I'm killing them.... they are all just dying simutaneously.
Ladybug Committee:
"The list for tonight is as follows: The Reverend Collins and family
The blacksmith Phillip
The baker James and his 2 daughters
The entire Wallace clan
.... to all of you, we thank you for this sacrifice. Go with God."
P.S. I admit it. I did kill two the other day. But they were mating and I was NOT going to let them make any more.


s. wells said...

haha, i like your last comment. little bugs gotta make littler bugs, you know!

Dodger of Sheep said...

I have the very same problem, except I always assumed it was my manly presence that attracted those obscene numbers of LADYbugs. Ha! Get it? Because they're LADYbugs and I'm...anyways, one day I came into my room to find my window seat covered in the things, I cleaned them all off and walked in barely an hour later to find even more than before.
They won't leave me alone.