Friday, February 15, 2008

everything but a honey-do

i really really like lists. i shall now prove it to you.

4 very worldy things i would own if money wasn't an issue:
1. a jeep wrangler without a top
2. an island (hey, i said if money wasn't an issue)
3. a grand piano
4. a snow machine

3 places i really want to go
1. New Zealand
2. Italy
3. Panama City, FL

3 things i could eat right now
1. Mellow Mushroom Pizza
2. Mellow Mushroom Pizza
3. Mellow Mushroom Pizza ... they just got shut down and now it's all i want.

6 qualities I expect/would love to have (you decide) in my husband
1. Spiritual Leadership: if i'm going to pledge my life to you and promise to obey and submit, you'd better know what you're doing
2. Doesn't mind physical labor: i think physical activity is one of the ways you glorify God the best. Don't get me wrong, you look amazing in a tie. But when there's dirt on your legs and sweat running down your face... it's just very very attractive and I'll leave it at that.
3. Conversation skills (with strangers): work the crowds! hold your own! please don't stay with me through the whole event.
4. I won't hold it against you if you are musically inclined (as longs as it is NOT the trumpet)
5. Morning hair: don't comb it. you look adorable
6. Loves children: cheesy i know, but i don't mean holding a baby occasionally and saying " i love kids." i want to see children coming to you. I want to see you offer to hold crying babies so the mom can take a break. I want you to have two plates in a dinner line: one for you and one for the kid standing beside you.

3 things that blow my mind
1. the thought of being pregnant: i mean... there is a HUMAN growing
inside of you!
2. that i am 1.5 years away from textbookless evenings
3. that one single glance from me causes God to burn with passion (it's
in Song of Solomon)

5 irrelevent truths
1. I burn my mouth all the time: hot chocolate, hot tea, coffee, pizza, soup... ALL the time. i just don't have the patience to wait
2. I know more oldies songs than "current" songs
3. The way i look some mornings... i know everybody says they look bad at this time of the day, but seriously? soft mattress + soft pillow + warm blanket + sweet dreams = monster? that doesn't make sense.
4. I would love to get in a fist fight with someone, without my conscious saying "Now Amy, you really shouldn't."
5. I have never had a date. Ever.

This is getting ridiculous. Happy Day-After-Valentine's Day.
And I was totally lying about Panama City.


Roads & Bridges said...

i definitely was unaware of you having a blog...and an updated one too.
i miss you.
and, now after reading yours, i feel the need to update my blog...but, i'm going to bed, so it'll just have to wait.

Roads & Bridges said...

p.s. i think it's funny, almost to the point of hilarity, that your blog is shadows and dust and mine in roads and bridges.
it's kind of scary sometimes how we are so much alike.

on to june said...

Panama City deserves to be the butt of someone's lie...

Brittany said...

Aww Amy I love your writing! I just wish I could see you more!

Dodger of Sheep said... there's a snowy island off the coast of New Zealand with a large house (enough room for a grand piano) next to a Mellow Mushroom with a Wrangler parked out front. The guy who drives the Wrangler is the only guy on the island, is a youth minister (God + kids, you can't go wrong here) and tends the large garden that supplies all of Mellow Mushroom's ingredients. He's not all that well off, so he has to take care of the garden without modern machinery. On top of that, he directs the Youth Orchestra on the next island over which doubles as a ministry for teaching social skills to children. They play mostly oldies.
And finally, there's this one other woman on the island who everyone agrees is a real witch and deserves a good beating. The guy who works the pizza place obviously can't do it, because he's a gentleman, even though it would be ridiculously easy since he used to play on the New Zealand Olympic Water Polo team.
This island is for sale.

Amy said...

ahaha! Brilliant.