Friday, February 1, 2008

daughter of the King

Last night i had an evening away from home and hearth. And school. It was so nice. It was a friend's birthday and he had invited about 25 people in all to go out to eat. So, there we were, about 23 kids, ranging from ages 15-24, having a blast. It's a sweet feeling to hear " ____, party of 25" and walk down and take over a room. I'm sure people were wondering where our parents were.

It had been a while since i'd seen any of them. This particular group has become very precious to me and my brothers only in the past two and a half years. They have all grown up together at their church... but the way they have so whole-heartedly welcomed us, the outsiders, in makes my heart glow. I'm so very grateful. Grateful for their encouragement, their laughter, love, challenges, their phone calls, their example.... everything. And it made me think of something i had read not too long ago; i looked for the book to quote it directly but i could not find it. So, alas, in my own pitiful wording, i will attempt to relay it to you.
When the Israelites were making their great exodus from Egypt God gave them everything they needed, as they needed it. His orders were explicit: there was no need to gather manna for more than one day because HE would provide each morning. Bread from heaven. Bread of life. He wanted them to lean only on Him and to store up nothing. And they couldn't do it. They gathered extra. Or, they built that stupid calf because they thought He had abandoned them. Yeah God, the promised land looks amazing and the milk is flowing right along with the honey...but have you seen the size of those people? Are you crazy? And He punished them. 40 years seems like such a long time to us, but to God, who stretches from everlasting to everlasting, it was nothing. Here's the amazing thing (i have a point, i promise): He still let them go to the Promised Land. He didn't make them stay out there and always be completely dependent on Him for food and water and protection... He let them go into the land where He knew that grapes and garlic bread, foreign women and gods, and gold and jewels would constantly be pulling His children away from Him. Even though He is a jealous God. Isn't He good?! Instead of putting us in a desert where we would have to wait every morning for bread to come down or water to spout from a rock... He allows us to enjoy things: we have air conditioning and heat, nice cars, many different kinds of food, money to spend, friends to laugh with, and good times all around. How fickle am I... that I let myself be distracted by these "amazing" things. I'm not saying God wants me to never spend time with these people again. I know He put them in my life on purpose. I know He enjoys our joys. But I can be so consumed with fulfilling my wants and my needs that i forget my purpose for living. i forget my mission. How can I forget that I am heir to the Kingdom of Heaven? I do not know. But I am humbled and filled with awe that the King wants, that he aches for me to approach His throne.


amanda hannah said...

it is so hard to remember that he really does like us. that he aches for us to approach him with boldness, even with the messes we make of our lives. i've been thinking about that a lot this week ... we're studying first john and it's all about repentance, and i am seeing, again, that i have no idea what that really is. i want it to be about effort, but it's not. it is really amazing how having true fellowship and community will push you closer and closer to christ.

good thoughts, amy.

Dodger of Sheep said...

Hmm...this sounds strangely familiar. Sure does sound like a fun group of people, though. Your family isn't that hard to get along with, either.

And I was just kidding about the secret message.
Mean, I know.