Monday, January 21, 2008

which link did you click?

Dear school program i am currently in,

Thank you for putting everything on the web. No really, thank you. Because of your refusal to actually mention assignments in class, your paying students have acquired another dose of paranoia. "It's on the web" is so easy to say, i realize this, but there are a lot of little stresses that come with it.
Stress #1: the "When was that posted?" stress- this is an example of walking into your 8:00 class and realizing some of my fellow students got a message sometime last night (posting after office hours is just plain wrong) that announced the dress code for the day. Well, i have on jeans, or i can go naked. Take your pick.
Stress #2: the " Where did you find that?" stress: I have been in the lab for 3 hours, clicking and clicking and clicking on my class sites and i never saw anything about reading pages 356-499.
Stress #3: the "Which message system?" stress: okay, you've got the school email, the hotmail email (for emergencies), the message board for each class, the announcement page for each class, plus the "assignment" "week 1-16 module" icons, and the "evaluation" icon for each class. and the instructors seem to flip coins to decide where to post assignments and announcements. great. just great.

So, what i'm trying to say is: thank you. Thank you for informing us about stress and how to avoid it and then adding to it. Maybe i'll make it to my 30th birthday.

one of the many persons who helped build that new parking deck then wasn't allowed to use it

Saturday, January 19, 2008

call me Alexander

Dad is mad. Mom locked herself in her room. And it didn't snow. BUT.... it did snow in Montevallo, which is SOUTH of us, which is where i would be if it weren't for this stupid congestion. I have 500 pages of reading to do. And Ryan got to go hang out with friends where there is snow. And Alisa has a ring on her finger. And our house smells like polyurethane.

woe is me. i think i'll eat worms and die.