Monday, December 24, 2007

Hunting and Riverdance

This morning, I got up at 5:30 and went with Asa, who was hunting. Please notice that I said HE was hunting, not I. Our mission: to kill the buck who has been destroying our Christmas trees. He carried the gun and I carried the seat. And the banana. And the hand warmers. And Jane Eyre….hey, I never said I liked hunting. I had on 3 layers on my legs and 4 on my top and Asa told me that I should probably put on five. Right. I felt like the little boy off the “Christmas Story.” So me and Jane were sitting in a tree house (Ryan’s tree house is amazing; if you are ever at my house, I will take you to see it)…. listening. After sprinkling a container of store bought deer pee, Asa joined us. I offered him some of my banana and he reached for it, drew back, smelled his hands, and said no thanks. Gross. It was so quiet. Except for a 6-dog dogfight that broke out A banana is a lot louder at 6:00 in the morning.
After sitting there for a while, I watched my 15 year old brother climb down and with the two antlers he had brought, he proceeded to do an Indian dance. He was stomping his feet, and banging the antlers and blowing out though his mouth. Every now and then he would scrape them up and down a tree. He said he was making the noises of a deer fight and sometimes other bucks would come running. They didn’t. Or if they did, they stayed far enough back in the woods and laughed at him. Later, Asa was going to do it again, but I wanted to try it, #1: because it looked kind of fun, and #2: I was afraid my butt cheeks were freezing together. So I proceeded to stomp and bang. When I stopped to get a breath , Asa told me to do it less. Basically, “Amy, you sound like a whole freaking herd.” I was having fun. Jane got a little jarred up in my pocket.
When we could no longer feel our toes or fingers we went back home. The tree-killer is still at large. But I’m considering signing up on the Riverdance troupe.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

what i am studying

These are nematodes. Not a single one of them has an anus. That's too bad for them.

Monday, December 10, 2007

too soon

Alisa got engaged on November the 30. I knew it was coming (because Jeff told me). It's so weird to see that ring on her finger and the sparkle in her eyes. don't get me wrong... i'm very happy for her and him. it's just that.... this is my best friend. she knows me better than anybody else, and i her. we have shared a room since i was three years old. our fights never last very long because as long as she is talking to me, i am strong. and i know i'm "gaining a brother, not losing a sister" but, i am losing something. her presence. It's knowing that she'll be home when i get there. I've only got five more months of that. Then she'll be his roommate, his best friend, his home.
and now i'm crying. again.